Established 1985

Welcome to the Manx Model Boat Club


28 November 2002 (amended 25 November 2010 & 24 November 2011)

1. Name

The name of the Club shall be Manx Model Boat Club with the addition of the words Established 1985.

2. Objects

The objects of the Club are to promote and encourage an interest amongst modellers in all aspects of model boats; to foster friendship through sailing and modelling; to endeavour to maintain and improve facilities for model boating on the Island; to encourage and assist visiting model boaters.

3. Annual General Meeting.

An Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in November each year, upon a date and time to be fixed by the Officers and Committee of the Club, and at least 7 (seven) days notice thereof shall be given in writing to each paid up member together with the agenda of the business to be transacted at that meeting

This Annual General Meeting shall be held not less than 3 (three) months and not more than 15 (fifteen) months after the previous Annual General Meeting, but otherwise shall be held at a time and place determined by the officers and Committee of the Club.

4. A.G.M. Quorum

A quorum at the A.G.M. shall consist of 20% (one fifth) of the fully paid up members.

5. Election of Officers and Committee

The following Officers shall be elected at the A.G.M.---

Commodore. Treasurer. Secretary.

Plus Committee Members.

5.1. The positions of newsletter Editor, Competition Secretary and persons to take responsibilities for other specific roles shall be drawn from the Committee Members.

5:2. Sub committees can be set up for specific events but shall have no involvement in the Management of the Club.

6. Special general Meetings.

A special General Meeting will be held upon written request for such a meeting by at least 25% (one quarter) of the paid up Members, specifying the purpose for which the meeting is to be called.

At least 7 (seven) days notice in writing shall be given to all paid up members for a special meeting together with the agenda of the business to be transacted at that meeting.

7. Committee meetings.

Committee meetings shall be held at such a time and place as the Officers and Committee decide, but not less than 4 (four) each year and at intervals not exceeding 2 (two) months, at least 7 (seven) days notice of a committee meeting shall be given.

7.1. Voting at all meetings.

A simple majority of votes cast by the Members present shall be sufficient to pass any resolution other than a resolution to wind up the Club. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie, which shall be in addition to their normal vote.

7.2 Presiding Chairperson.

At all General/Special General and Committee meetings the Commodore shall be the Chairperson but in the absence of the Commodore the Officers shall nominate a Chairperson to preside for that meeting.

8. Membership Fees.

Each member shall be required to pay an annual subscription; the sum to be agreed at each A.G.M. (Honorary & Life members shall be exempt from this subscription.)

All subscriptions are due and payable at the A.G.M. If subscriptions are not paid by the first official meeting of Club fixtures (normally around Easter) then it will be deemed that the member no longer wishes to be a member and no further newsletters will be sent and the said member will no longer be covered by the Club Insurance, or permitted to partake in any Club Events or Competitions.

The Officers and Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse application for, or continuation of Membership, without any reason given.

9. Powers of the Officers and Committee.

The Officers and Committee shall have full power to superintend and conduct the business of the Club according to the Constitution.

9.1. Effect any Insurance for the benefit of the members.

9.2. Arrange public or private exhibitions, Competitions, lectures, visits and demonstrations and award trophies and prizes in connection therewith.

10. Annual Accounts.

The Treasurer shall prepare an account of the Clubs receipts and expenditure in each year made up to a date, not more than 2 (two) weeks before the A.G.M. together with a balance sheet. A copy of these accounts shall be made available to the Members at the Annual General Meeting. An Auditor maybe appointed, by the Officers, to examine the said accounts if deemed necessary.

11. Dissolution.

The Club may at anytime be dissolved by a resolution of members. Each member shall have one vote and a resolution for dissolution shall require a simple majority of the votes of 75% (three quarters) of the total paid up Members.

11.1. The Officers shall wind up the Club in accordance with the legislation applying in the Isle of Man at the time. Surplus funds including any Club owned boats and Trophies, on realisation of the assets shall be distributed to a local branch of the R.N.L.I. except that no part of the Clubs funds or assets including Trophies and Club boats shall be distributed to Members.

11.2. Archive materials, minutes/newsletters once valued shall be offered on a permanent loan arrangement to the Manx National Heritage or other Local Nautical Establishment.

Operating Rules.

1. Transmitter Pound

A transmitter pound will be in operation at all major organised Club Events and Competitions.

2. Transmitter Use.

All Members are asked to check that they are not operating on the same frequency as other Members already sailing, a frequency board will be in operation at all organised Club Events.

2:1 No transmitters to be switched on until a frequency peg has been placed on the board.

3. Equipment approval.

All transmitter/ receiver equipment to be by an approved and recognised manufacturer and on the recognised wavelengths, ends of telescopic transmitter aerials must be fitted with a protective device e.g. practice golf ball or similar at all times, frequency flags only are not sufficient. Failure to comply may invalidate the Insurance cover for the offending Member

4. Model/equipment damage.

Any Member who willfully causes damage to any other member's models or equipment will be required to pay for the repairs or replacement of the damaged item or items as requested by the owner.

5. Boiler Certificates.

All steam-operated boats must have a valid boiler certificate as required by Club Insurance Company. (Further guidance on the construction and testing of model steam boilers can be found here).

6. Members conduct.

Members are expected to respect all lands used by and on behalf of the Club and conduct themselves in a manner so as not to bring the Club into dispute with members of the public, or other Club members. All offenders will be dealt with under section 8 of the Club Constitution.

Safeguarding Children

The Manx Model Boat Club is committed to ensuring that Children are treated properly whilst taking part in Model Boating activities. Children should be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian at all times whilstparticipating in Manx Model Boat Club events. Please click here to view a copy of our Safeguarding Children guidance document.