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Mannanan Regatta 2019

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To be held on

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2019

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Programme of Events

For 2019 we are retaining the event format which we introduced last year which provides extended free sailing periods on the lake along with a mixture on on the water and static events.

New for this year will the the 'Spithead Review' which will be a sail past of Naval vessels on the lake, to be held on Saturday morning.

The Commodores Challenge pool will be set up on the side of the lake for running this yeasr event which is Motorised Juice Cartons along with the old favourites - Tethered Hydroplanes and Pop Pop Boats. The pool will be in operation for both days and anybody is welcome to enter a boat.

Saturday 29th June 2019 at Silverdale Glen starting at 10am

  • 'Spithead Review' for Naval Vessels on th elake during the morning.
  • 'On the Water Scale' competiton on the lake during the afternoon.
  • Commodores Challenge practicing.
  • Free sailing at all other times when an event is not being run on the lake.

Please note that all sailing will be subject to frequency control and placing your frequency peg on the board.

The 'On the Water Scale' competition is open to all entrants and will be held over a period of 1 hour during the afternoon. The exact time of the event will be advised to entrants on the day.

This will be a mass participation event with all skippers sailing at the same time. If you have more than one boat then you will be permitted to change your model part way through the designated hour.

All entrants must place their name on the entry list by reporting to the registration officer at the start of the day.

The 'Spithead Review' competition will follow a similar format on Saturday morning but will be for Naval Vessels, or vessels with a connection to Spithead.

No other sailing will be permitted on the main lake during this competiton.

Sunday 30th June 2019 at Silverdale Glen starting at 10am

  • Free sailing on the lake during the morning and part of the afternoon.
  • Static Scale competition to be held on the side of the pool in the morning.
  • Best in Show judging by entrants.
  • Commodores Challenge Competition in the afternoon.
  • Fun 'Floats' Competition on the main lake at the end of the afternoon.

Please note that all sailing will be subject to frequency control and placing your frequency peg on the board.

The Static Scale Competition will be judged during the morning and will have classes for Scratch built models, Kit built models and Semi-Kit built models. 

Entrants should ideally register their model during Saturday, however late entries will be accepted on Sunday morning up until the start time of 10am. Please report to the registration officer on arrival.

Please advise the judge if you wish to remove your model from the display in order to have a sail.

Please click here for more details of the commodores challenge event which will be judged by our Commodore during the afternoon.

The final event of the day will the the fun floats competition and is open to anybody who is brave enough to enter. Please note that the use of 'cow catchers' and other attachments deemed dangerous by the officer of the day are not permitted.

Monday 1st July 2019

Evening Meal and Prize Presentation - Venue and start time to be advised.


Transmitters A TX pound will be in operation at all events. If you wish to test your model during the competition, please check with the Secretary that it is safe to do so.

Insurance Public liability is compulsory on all waters in the Isle of Man. Please ensure you have yours with you for registration prior to all events.